Why Time Out Is A Must

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Blog

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I recently heard the statistic “90% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February”…. but each day this year is a chance to start again and get better.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s.  The Fitness Industry is ready to pounce on people making rash decisions in a moment of desperation after far too much ham.  These people tend not to stick around in the long run, and I’m not a 24/7 gym looking to hit membership targets regardless of whether you actually show up or not.

People are otherwise busy partying, holidaying, there’s too much happening.

Which is why I chose to host our second ever Relax. Reset. Retreat in March. 

We tend to have settled back down into a routine by now and we’re ready to think rationally about what needs to be done in terms of achieving our fitness goals for the year.

We headed back to the Roma Cottage at Tilse’s Orchard for another incredible weekend of relaxation, focus and self care away from it all.

The feedback has been so positive:

“I loved that we didn’t have a minute by minute schedule”

“Amazing value for money”

“Loved having a selection of books available”


“I now have a plan of action to follow”

The laughter, friendly discussion and “ah-ha” moments over the weekend said it all.  There’s no denying the benefit of removing yourself from the noise of: work commitments, family commitments, kids asking for snacks/where the remote is, and social media and emails, the dreaded to-do list, cooking, dishes to name a few….

At the retreat, I didn’t tell them what to do to finally reach their goals.  Most of us already know the “what” of the problem… What we did do is laid the groundwork for the mindset and problem solving ability required to get it done around busy lives and competing schedules. 

Too much of the fitness industry is preachy, nagging and restrictive.  I’ve been guilty of falling into this trap myself.  The retreat was a great opportunity for me to spend quality time with clients who were motivated enough to go there and find out what it’s about.

It’s a pretty brave thing these days to put your hand up and say: actually, I’m taking a weekend out to focus on my needs – in a world where we glorify “busy” and being overloaded.

While I took care of mindset for successful fitness plans, the relaxation component was well and truly covered by the girls at Breathe Body Skin Mind.  Huge thank you to Chelsea and Bec for their amazing treatments and professional expertise in chilling the f out! 

We walked in the orchard, experienced nature including cows, alpacas and an echidna, ate wholesome food, had a few drinks, laughed, read books, made plans.

I can’t wait to do it all again.

This time at a new location and even more activities to choose from – in August, our “Winter Luxe” Relax. Reset. Retreat.  Be the first to secure your spot by messaging me now.

PS – I know it’s not always possible to do a weekend away, which is why I added a weekly Yoga class with Annah from Padaba Yoga to our schedule for members and guests – the best 45 min re-set!



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