Why I No Longer Sell Fitness Challenges

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Blog

When I signed up for the Metafit coaches course in 2014 by chance at being in Sydney when it was on, (and nearly died, but that’s a WHOLE other blog post 😆….) I decided to set myself a “challenge” to see if this training format was all it was hyped up to be.

I said to myself I will commit to 2 x Metafit sessions weekly from now (Oct, when I attended) to Christmas, and see what difference it actually makes to me.

At that point I’d been running sometimes up to 50km/week, teaching weekly step classes and Pilates, and loving it don’t get me wrong, but I was using up a lot of my time and not seeing the results I was after.

Anyway, after I completed my personal challenge, I was several cm’s down around my waist, my legs were stronger in my runs and I was starting to build more overall strength to name a few benefits I noticed in that relatively short time…..

This was obviously really inspiring and motivating, and I knew I could help other busy mums just like me who were struggling to dial in their fitness in amongst working, studying, family the list goes on as you know!

I taught *very small* classes of mostly friends or curious people to begin with, and after some time (maybe a year or more) of building up the classes, I set my clients an 8 week challenge.  All it involved was sticking to your classes, I think most people did 2-3 sessions with rest days.  No nutrition for that one and the results were unreal – purely through turning up on the regular!  Again cm’s from waists and 2-3kg down over 8 weeks.  With these results under our belts, we loved our new way of training even more and our little community.

Fast forward another year and I got in contact with a fantastic sports dietician to come on board and give nutrition talks to my members, the challenges got bigger and more people were asking about my “Metafit Challenge”.

Results varied.  And of course, it was always linked to how consistently a person followed the steps I’d painstakingly developed over time.  I put on more classes to try to accomodate people and make it accessible as possible, because so often people cite “unsuitable class times” as a barrier to getting it done (which I now know is half an excuse after seeing many many VERY busy peeps get in and get it done simply through being organised).

I started to feel a little frustrated as I knew the potential of following a very simple system, even just for 8-12 weeks.  Why do some people insist on making it so hard??  I won’t even go into all of the success stories I’ve had with people here who HAVE had faith in the process.

These days even I can’t scroll through my own newsfeed without being presented with the opportunity to join the latest fitness challenge, however they are packaged.  Big franchise gyms, local operators, garage operators, celebs with a massive marketing budget…..

I’ve kind of always been one to go against the grain.  It started to nauseate me and generate an *eyeroll* and I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of that crowd – yelling at people in their newsfeeds to be like all these other successful people and sign up for that ever elusive motivation.  It just doesn’t work that way.  It’s a really tempting (and at times successful) way to do business – same set of rules for everyone, upfront payment etc.

But here’s the thing.  The more I invest in my professional development, the more I view the industry with a critical mindset, and the more I connect with my clients…. I have a preference for working with my people as the individuals they are.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my little preferred systems for getting it done,  but I’ll apply them on a case by case basis.  Start when you like, go at your pace through the various “levels” and try to stop the comparison trap disguised as “motivation”.   I still recommend a minimum of 12 weeks at any number of my offerings, or absolutely any fitness endeavour – not only for best results, but let’s be honest, life WILL always happen in between, and learning how to deal with that regardless in the  long term is the ULTIMATE fitness challenge.

But my priority is for my clients’ ENTIRE health, not just the obvious physical changes that a period of motivation (even if it’s because of a timeframe) can produce.

In a world where sitting is now more deadly than smoking, and obesity and lifestyle diseases are on the rise, let’s make a fitness “challenge” the norm for good, rather than the exception or a short term thing.



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