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I actually hated fitness / exercising growing up, and was always trying to get out of PE classes. My version of fitness involved riding my horse and occasionally punching a boxing bag that hung in our old dairy. An old friend I met up with in Melbourne while there for the MetaPWR course reminded of that and how funny it is compared to how I am now.


I first started attending Angie’s classes when she offered a trial some 4 years ago, I thought I’d do alright. I already did barre, pilates, and step classes and hey, meta was 20 mins.. I was wrong lol.

I got into the car after my first class and burst into tears, I felt hopeless. “How could I possibly keep up with these fit women who were loving the class, and smiling and laughing after it!!”.

It was tough but after a few times I loved it. I stuck with it and also attended HIRT weights sessions and saw the results that this combination brought about.

Being a mum to 2 boys and also working full time I just didn’t have the time to slog it out for hours each day in a gym. I found the perfect fit, along with an amazing group I now call friends. 


I’m a big believer now that exercise can not only solve many issues for people’s health physically, but also mentally. I, myself feel and see the benefits that my attending classes does. And I can certainly tell when I haven’t been able to get to one for a week. I can always say on days where I may feel like I have to drag myself to a class, I will never regret it when finished.


Outside of attending Angie’s classes I’m kept busy with the boys and their many sporting commitments, my full-time job at Ausgrid, catching up with family and friends and weekly gym sessions with my best friend who encouraged me to put my hand up to do my certificate. And as I have a ‘love’ of doing weights now I’ve decided to enrol and do another certificate focusing on strength training.

Knowing how tough it can be when you first get started, or when life gets busy, all I can say is don’t give up.  I’m looking forward to helping our members old and new get Fit AF – see you in class!




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