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Leah has recently joined our coaching team after I *convinced* her to go along to the Metafit course with the rest of the team, as it would be FUN 🤣.  I went to school with Leah, so have known her for a little while, and I was aware that Leah is a fully certified Personal Trainer, although has been working out of the Fitness industry for some time.

The main reason I approached Leah to see if she’d like to take the odd class for us, is her lovely bright personality and her mature and sensible outlook on fitness, I think that you just can’t let a gem like that sit out of the game entirely!

Leah joined us at the shed to try our classes late last year, and decided to sign on to the full membership as she enjoys getting in and doing a quick workout with minimal fuss, and our friendly down to earth “normal” members.

Leah: “I had done my cert III (group fitness) and Cert IV (personal training) Fitness Certifications when my eldest child was 1.  I’ve worked at Anytime Fitness, taken classes at the PCYC and worked at the Pool Gym when it was the YMCA.  I was very nervous to do it, it was scary but once you get to know people they’re great.

In addition to that I’ve done a pregnancy exercise course, thump boxing certification to name a few, but can’t quite remember them all tbh!

The main thing I enjoyed about working in Fitness was the people, it’s very social and fun.

For me the most important thing in a group fitness class is to not worry about competing with anyone else and just do your best each time. 

I love that the shed is just everyday people working out, no one looks down their nose at you.

One downside to working in fitness is everyone’s an expert, based on what they’ve seen online, so it can be hard to have a voice.  Also, it’s nearly impossible to learn everything and you can feel like you can’t keep up.  (It’s standard for fitness professionals to spend hundreds of hours unpaid reading, doing certifications and attending courses on weekends to stay current).

I left the industry because the gym I was working in got new owners, the classes I was doing were stopped and it got quite quiet in terms of members. Due to the lack of family friendly hours available, and I knew that I couldn’t go out on my own without giving it my all, I went looking for something that fit in more with my family, and ended up becoming a school learning support officer.”

Leah says she enjoys her current job again, due to working with, and helping people, but she is also looking forward to getting back into teaching some classes again.  

We are so happy to have someone on board who is passionate and can help expand the variety of coaching personalities/styles and points of view at “Le shed”.  

Please keep an eye out for Leah teaching Metafit & the occasional Gold session each month, and get along and try her coaching.  



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