We Increased his Calories and This Happened…..

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If you’ve ever had a big goal to achieve, you have probably considered the sayings that slow and steady wins the race, small changes over time (yes, I’ve said this myself) = big results, etc etc.

And it’s absolutely true.

But what about the times when it’s actually beneficial and warranted to go hard and fast?

I recently sat down with a client to discuss how I could help him progress from a fat loss plateau.

He had been in the care of health professionals for a while, and I’ll admit, I did slightly disagree with the low bar that had been set for weight loss for him, but I stayed out of it for a long time 🤐 until we decided to look into things a little closer from my perspective.

My perspective being:  I see the client way more regularly than a health provider, I know how their day has been, I pick up on the little things going on in life….. don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I know better – I’m just saying that as a PT we have a quite unique perspective on the people we work with.

I had a think – where can I make an impact that causes the least disruption to the reality of his busy life.

I had a look at the food diaries, workouts and daily activity…. I thought and thought.

Want to know what I thought?  He needs to eat more.

That’s right.

The poor guy has been on a never ending health system prescribed diet, he needs a break! 

I told him to eat more.  He wasn’t sure.   It seemed to go against what he’d been told, but thankfully he trusted me, and thankfully, I was right 🙊

Because – the weight finally started to shift again.

I know why, I’ve explained why to him – but I won’t go into the ins and outs of what we did next.

But I will say that when he came to me to show me a picture of the giant burger he’d enjoyed on the final stretch of our little plan… “erm, sorry coach” – I got immense satisfaction from the absolute joy on his face and we both had a good laugh – he STILL lost weight that week.  (PS, I’m gunning for one of those burgs)

THAT is what it’s all about – finding the balance, enjoying a burger and not taking yourself too seriously.

Adam says:

“Hi Angie,

Here are the words for my burger punishment. 

(Can I just say I love the term “burger punishment” for some reason…-Angie)

After some health issues it was advised by some people in the medical profession that i could benefit from weight loss. After my wife had success from a diet plan and exercise from a personal trainer i thought it could work for me. And i like the idea that Metafit is only a 25-30min class twice a week could show some results.

I joined up and gradually started losing weight. I hit a weight loss plateau and Angie suggested that i may benefit from a more targeted food plan. I was a little sceptical with the plan to start with due to being on more calories in the first week than what i had been on. I did have a blow out meal in the last week but with discussion with Angie to how to calorie correct the week i still saw weight loss (The burger was awesome by the way). However after 4 weeks i have lost an additional 5.8kgs, which brings my total since starting Metafit to 10.1kgs

I have had a week at maintenance calories now plan on completing a second stint of this food plan. As i am half way to my goal weight. 

This was a surprising result for me as i have been seeing a dietician for food advice who suggested that it would take 10-12 weeks to achieve the same result as my 4 week challenge.

I am enjoying the new found energy and motivation which is a big thing for me as I’m not good at sticking with diet plans or consistent exercise plans, but i have found this to be rather enjoyable (Except 7am Saturday mornings after soccer Friday nights the body just doesn’t want to bend)”

Well done Adam, I’m so proud of you! 

The thing with what we did is not that I gave Adam anything magic to do, it all boils down to:  regular contact, ongoing support and an enjoyable environment with like minded people. 

At the end of the day, the only thing that will work, is something you can stick to.  And that is very individual.

Do you think you could lose almost 6kg in a month and still have a burger?  🤔



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