Top 5 Reasons You’re Not Good at Dieting

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Blog

Something I hear so often from people: “I’m so crap at my nutrition”…..

On the surface, sounds like a bit of a cop out, but I think it’s a genuine and valid frustration.

Why?  Because I’ve been there myself! 

I’ve done meal plans, detoxes, low calorie, cutting out the things that I actually bloody enjoy in life….. so I feel pretty strongly about this.

A huge part of the work I do with clients is helping them to re-learn a way that they can fit nutrition and workouts into their busy lifestyles, seamlessly, virtually effortlessly – and get on with life the way that they like to live it.

I understand that you’re lacking confidence when it comes to taking charge of your diet, because you’ve been down this road so many times before, been given conflicting information, or plans that don’t suit YOU.

Here’s my top 5 reasons that you’re not good at dieting, and hopefully some clarity now they’re addressed:

  1. You’ve been led to believe it’s magic.  Most commercial diet plans sold withhold the key information you need to keep your results without them, or the reasoning behind why it’s effective.  Instead they lead you to believe that the magic is in their method.  I prefer to educate and empower my clients to make their own choices, and keep their results long term.
  2. You believe you need willpower.   You see people who have succeeded and think man, they are so dedicated, I just don’t have the willpower to achieve those results.  It must be really hard!  The truth is that the key is in the daily habits these successful people undertake.  And you can definitely make small changes to your daily habits that will have a massive impact on your fat loss long term. Check out the 7 Habits of My Successful Clients. 
  3. You’re comparing your results to people who have no social life….. The funniest but sadly most accurate joke I recently heard about bodybuilders – from an ex body builder was: “Let me know when you get a friend” in reference to their super strict dietary regimen.  You think you want visible abs, but ask yourself how much you actually enjoy and value drinks with friends, going out for meals and curling up on the couch with a movie and popcorn?  Those people on your socials that make it appear to be effortless?  Yeah, they’re having a lend of you, and probably trying to convince themselves that their behind the scenes obsessiveness is just dedication.  In my opinion, if your diet impinges on your social wellbeing – it’s not really healthy.
  4. You’ve been led to believe it’s complicated – We’ve all bought someone’s glossy cookbook or meal plan (or ahem, lemon detox *vom*) with such good intentions….. only to be overwhelmed.  All those ingredients ffs.  A different protein source every day makes being prepared difficult.  But I’m sure if I just commit to follow this then I’ll finally lose that last 5kg.  The truth of the matter is that overcomplicating the simple makes it more marketable.  Refer to point 1.  Again, if your diet plans add more stress to your life, probably not a great idea.  When perusing results online from mass marketed products – consider that out of the thousands of units potentially sold, there’s a very small percentage of people that actually completed it as set out – they are in the minority.  And a particular personality type.  See point 3.
  5. You lacked patience.  Not every plan/trainer or nutritionist out there is dicey!  If you started a particular diet but didn’t see results – ask yourself first, did you give it time?  As one of my wise clients recently said: “I didn’t get chubby overnight, so I can’t expect to reverse it in just 1 week of dieting!”

All of these factors can contribute to you chucking it in altogether and giving up on your goals.

If any of this resonates with you – just know, you’re not crap and hopeless, just a little confused by what’s out there!  And any wonder.

I’m extremely proud to be working towards my Mac Nutrition Practitioner certification, and being part of the evidence based movement.  Part of that movement is empowering clients to take charge of their nutrition on their terms through a process of education and support – not profiting by selling products and plans that hide the detail. 

If you’re sick of the bullshit, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!  What has been your biggest struggle with nutrition?



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