Top 5 Crappy PT’s (That give us a bad name)

by | Aug 4, 2019 | Blog Archive

“You’ve ruined PT’s for me!!”  She declared dramatically before she left for another town….. I don’t want to join another gym – the bar is too high! 🤣

We laughed.  Over about 10 months and 12kgs lost not only was this person my client but now a friend.  I find her predicament funny because she simply shouldn’t have moved then 🤷‍♀️💁‍♀️

But, jokes aside, there is some truth to this dilemma. 

I’m not saying I’m infallible, the best or even an expert in everything…. it’s absolutely more about when you click with the right people who understand your approach and it suits them and works for them.

But let’s be honest, there are some bloody shockers out there unfortunately – who sadly give the industry a bad name, and actually put some people off engaging with fitness.

Here they are, in no particular order of importance.  As my old boss Roger at Serhan’s Menswear used to say “if you don’t laugh you cry” – this list is intended for a laugh, and to let you know we’re not all like the stereotypes you may have unfortunately come across.

  1. The Carb Cutter: “No carbs after 6pm”…. No bread, no potato etc etc.  Be aware that you’re in dicey territory if you hear any of that- or if you’re being given a prescriptive meal plan by a personal trainer – and even more so when it’s the same one that every other client got too.    To be fair, sometimes these guys don’t even realise the error of their ways, they learned it somewhere else and thought they’d pass it on (since it worked for them, and your lifestyle is exactly like theirs, right?? 🤦‍♀️), and while it might get short term results they definitely couldn’t describe the mechanics behind it and will vaguely refer to gut health, hormones, gluten or the like.  Let’s be honest, none of you are happily living your life carb-free indefinitely, and you certainly don’t have to do it to maintain a healthy weight for the long term.  Just because your PT might have competed on stage once with visible abs, doesn’t make them a nutrition expert.  It makes them a veteran of calorie restriction.  Watch out for Keto Kev too recommending Keto for EVERYONE.
  2. The Insta PT:  This one may have legitimately got their cert IV online, but they’ve certainly never trained an actual client themselves because if they did, they wouldn’t have all the time to train themselves and their constant instagram selfies.  They probably have a day job because they tried full time PT but it “wasn’t for them” when they realised there’s more to it than showing up and getting paid… but they’ll happily give you tips in the gym for likes.  Come and speak to the rest of us when you’ve trained clients across a wide range of formats and with a range of health concerns and preferences…..
  3. The Blame Shifter:  I recently tested a client’s max squat and we reached 80kg after a period of gradual progression over time.  She was more shocked than I was, considering a former PT had advised her that she wasn’t built for squats, and should stick to cardio, (which the client dislikes).   Fair enough they may have been lacking the skills to coach a proper barbell back squat, but any decent PT would either address that skills gap with professional development or refer the client to someone who could train them confidently, instead of putting it back onto the client.
  4. The Random Workout Generator:  Picks a workout card out of a box at the gym when the client arrives for their session…. need I say more?  Actually I will.  Any numpty can make a person sweat with random exercises in enough time – but if you’ve paid a PT to achieve a particular goal, perhaps the session plans should reflect that, and contain a plan for progression over time.  ***that is definitely what you should get***
  5. The Commando:  COME ON YOU CAN DO IT!!! – oh the theatrics, the drama of someone yelling in your face during a workout.  Surely that’s worth a few extra calories for the increase in your heart rate??  But did you get any useful feedback?  That’s the question.  Commando needs to calm down and coach or sign up for reality TV.

Jokes and frustrating stereotypes aside, there are some amazing, passionate people in this industry with an array of creative and professional ways to help you reach your goals.  If you’ve had or heard of negative experiences, please know that you shouldn’t give up – you will find the coach for you, and when you do it will be life-changing!



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