The VIP Treatment

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Blog

“I signed up with Angie for a 12 week VIP Membership which incorporated both training and nutritional plans with 1:1 support as well as class access. I was nervous and unsure at first but I knew I need some guidance and direction. I was very active, doing lots of exercise and didn’t eat all that terribly but was struggling with my weight and hormonal issues.

Angie went above and beyond to tailor a program that could work for me and what I could manage both nutritionally and with performance and available time.

Angie researched my hormonal condition to get an understanding on how to accommodate this around my needs.

Angie was and is always supportive but ready to hold you accountable if you need it too – you will get out of it what you put into it! Having said that I was not ready to cut all of my favourites and we compromised on how to get results without missing out on a wine or some chocolate if I felt like it.

I set out wanting to have more understanding of my body and how to get the performance I wanted, to understand more about food and most of all be happy with the person in the mirror and be a good example for my family and others around me.

I also started the first block right before COVID struck and to be honest this helped me through the drama as it gave me something to stay focused on.

I have attended the Metafit, HIRT and MetaPWR classes – I had no clue what I was in for but can honestly say I really enjoy the fast pace and the quick burn.

All of the other members are very welcoming and supportive also. I spent a lot of time watching others to learn what to do and no one minded being stalked!

I loved the program so much I did 2 rounds and I am stoked with the results.

Not every day or week is easy, fat loss is a slower process than a quick detox or diet, but for me it feels sustainable and I am confident I can continue and I know Angie will give me the encouragement or stern words if I need them moving forward.

Overall if you are dedicated and willing to invest in yourself – do the program. You will find a happier, healthier version of yourself on the other side. I couldn’t recommend Angie more highly.”



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The VIP Treatment

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