The Best Nuts to Eat to Lose Weight and Other Fairy Tales

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Blog Archive

I was at the supermarket lost in thought, when I heard  from nearby, and directed at me:

YOU’LL know Angie, what nuts should I have for my afternoon tea?”

Me: “ummm?”

Them: “Well the nutritionist from *insert supplement sales company* at my gym said that the reason I can’t lose weight is that I don’t eat enough”.

Here we go…..

Me, a *tad* sarcastically: “Did they also tell you you need to take a fat burner?”

There are so many problems with that scenario including and not limited to: source of information, context of information, and then I’m supposed to randomly verify this and validate it for you while I’m minding my own business doing my groceries?

Needless to say this poor person got schooled on all of the above and more.

I appreciate the approach was well meaning, but there’s a few things to keep in mind when on the receiving end of nutritional “advice”:

  1. Is the aim to sell a product? You don’t actually need ANY kind of supplement whatsoever to support fat loss.  End of story.
  2. Add to the above scenario, is the person giving you the advice having a designated full private consultation with YOU, or are you talking about this at a sales desk or online for example.
  3. You can’t not lose weight because you’re not eating enough.

This is a kind of funny story, but not really.  I see this all the time!  People being fooled and trusting companies and people with hidden agendas.

The annoying part is the rest of us are left to “clean up” the mess of misinformation so to speak.  To try to regain the trust of consumers who have been mistreated by the industry, multiple times quite often and not given the information they really need to get results and keep them.

I once had a PT client who told me she was advised to take a fat burner in place of breakfast by the chap at her local supp store.  She weighed over 100kg at the time, and climbing. She’s now lost just over 20% of her body weight and continues to do so through a sensible food and exercise plan.  And not a cent spent on any sort of fat burning detoxifying drinks in the process.  🤷‍♀️

Needless to say, and very sadly, the other person in this story continues to struggle to manage weight.

It’s not my job to tell clients of other facilities that overtraining and supplementation is not the answer to getting their results and keeping them.

But I’ll continue to educate those who do approach me for professional support the best way I can.

Eventually those in the industry who only care about profit and not treating clients like individuals will need to answer for this, and maybe it will be in the form of the market voting with their feet.  But until then, keep your wits about you peeps.  It’s a crazy wild west out there.

If you’re serious, get advice specific to you in a 1:1 setting.



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