Shelley Stopped Making Excuses and Hasn’t Looked Back

by | Nov 20, 2020

Another straight talker as you’ll see in coming paragraphs (I nearly saved 2 versions of our interview haha) – Shelley was sent to me with a specific goal in mind and was extremely keen to get stuck in.

She’s done just that!

PT sessions with Shelley are always interesting, she’s honest and funny, but we’re both a bit similar so clash on opinions around the best way to get a job done sometimes – but I’m slowly learning how to get Shelley to see my way 😉 

To be fair, she’s done a lot of the work on her own, and I really admire her dedication, I’m yet to see anything like it! 

According to Shelley, her path was not always this way, which makes it all the more inspiring.  

What is your exercise history?

I was overweight and inactive most of my life.  I made all the excuses under the sun.  I ate shit, and I lived a shit life.  It tasted good, alright! (LOL)

I didn’t get serious about exercise until 3 years ago.

It was probably my 40th birthday I went you know what, I’m going to die if I don’t do something.  So I got some medical help.   That was the start point.  But I can say if I didn’t put in the work, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

How has your training changed over time?

I started with swimming, then into some circuit classes and zumba which I really enjoyed.  I tried other group fitness with varying degrees of success, and then a good friend pointed me in your direction and there was no turning back!

I remember I hurt for about 3 weeks after the first few classes with you! 

Angie: you’re being dramatic surely, you would have quit! 

Shelley: nope, I don’t do shit like that

What is your favourite part of training at the shed?

Everything.  Except for Toned AF (laughs).  Angie: Why do you do it then?  Shelley: You know I love cardio, probably weights comes 2nd to cardio – I only come to Toned because I have to.  Angie: what?  Shelley: Because you tell me it’s good for my core strength.  Angie: It is! 

Honestly I’d rather have my heart pumping out of my chest than my arse cramping like that. (Shelley is describing the Toned AF BURN)

What’s the biggest struggles you’ve had staying on track?

My tendency to over train – and I know you tell me this all the time, but I’m learning to listen to my body and my coach.  Especially when she gets the whip out and kicks me out of class for trying to do too many!  (Seriously, I have sent her home)

No in all seriousness I’m learning that more is not better, you can get fatigued and sick/run down if you try to do too much (I LOVE running, but can tend to overdo it).

Angie keeps an eye on how much training I’m doing and gives advice on where to cut back and what to do more of according to my goals and how I’m feeling.

What do you feel is the most effective training for you or has given you the best results?

Probably since you changed my plan and got me doing intervals on the bike and rower, I definitely feel stronger.  And PT, learning the exercises and technique (and talking too much).   

One of your biggest lessons?

Cut the bullshit, no excuses.  I was one of those people.  Once you change, it’s quite liberating, you know that you can live a better life.

You can lose heaps of weight, but you can definitely re-gain it if you don’t put in the work and change your daily life. 

Any advice for someone wanting to get started?

Get off your arse and do it. 



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