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by | May 30, 2019 | Blog Archive

Like any relationship, sometimes the relationship with your diet and exercise routine gets a little comfy after a while.

Sometimes it helps to get a fresh perspective on your routine!

That’s what happened with this little client – and the results were incredible when we made a few tweaks.

This client is a long term advanced trainer putting in multiple cardio & strength based training sessions weekly with a good grasp on the basics of nutrition and energy balance.

But like any long term relationship, after a while we get a little slack, we stop paying so much attention…. we take for granted.

We settle for the extra couple of kgs because, well, it could be worse and to be fair, we’re running out of hours in the week.  We’ve done the best we can do, right?

I like to reward my loyal clients with extra value for free – if I can see they are putting in the effort, I’m always willing to go the extra mile and put in more of my time, extra sessions and discounts.

So when I needed practice doing advanced nutritional calculations – I put the call out for applicants who:

  • Had practiced food as fuel consistently
  • completed all challenge tasks
  • consistently attended their booked sessions


Participated in a quiz #justforfun 😆

I put in a good 4-6hours work per client including: collecting data, consulting, calculating, coaching and checking in. 

But when you get results like this it’s so worth it! 

Here’s What We Did:

We took an in-depth look at daily activity levels and categorised days according to shift work and days off.  We looked at the client’s baseline nutrition habits and their personal preferences…. I worked out a plan of attack on this, presented to the client to get their buy in and then helped them to put it into practice.  We monitored progress for 4 weeks and…..

Here’s what happened!

Client progress was exactly in line with what I calculated, because #wizard…. 😏

In real terms, that’s 3kg down in 4 weeks, 4 cms off the waist, and some amazing definition definition all over.😍  Certainly rocking the Lorna Jane! 😉  

Here’s what they said:

“I’ll admit I didn’t think it would work. I embarked on the 4 week strategy plan as a non believer. Having tried and failed for quite some time to shift those last few pesky kilos I was sure they would continue to stay with me. I decided I had nothing to lose and would give it a red hot crack, sticking to the plan and reaching my goal with time to spare. It wasn’t always easy, I had to make it through Easter and Mother’s Day without blowing it! Overall the plan you did for me was spot on, I wasn’t “starving” and it was easy to follow and stick to while fitting in with my work/life routine.  Thanks Angie”.

All of this because extra time was taken to take a closer look at things, to be willing to try a new approach, AND to have it absolutely tailored to the client.

I’m excited!   

All of this practice means more amazing results for my clients, and more time doing what I love – getting real results.

I won’t give you a cookie cutter meal plan,  I won’t MAKE you do anything you don’t want to do, and I won’t invest time in people who aren’t serious….. – what I WILL do is do my absolute best for you when you ask for help.

I’m taking a short break from taking on new clients for the month of June, due to the time that I prefer to spend on each and every one, and to focus on my coursework.

But I’ll be refreshed and ready to help you even more after then, so catch you then!  😄




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