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by | Jun 16, 2019 | Blog

Erin recently completed my 4 week custom fat loss accelerator along with some of my other long term clients.

All the results were pretty amazing, all have differing circumstances and challenges in life.  Erin is a busy mum of 3 young kids from preschool to primary age, and working part time and caring for others.   As I know Erin pretty well personally, I know how much she likes to give for everyone else and how dedicated she is to her family, job and friends.  Erin always goes above and beyond.

There’s just a slight problem with that, in my opinion….

Erin just wasn’t giving herself the same care and attention that she gives to those around her!

Why?  I see it a bit, it’s a common thread with working mums, and even just women in general.

We seem to need to do more to prove ourselves (or at least feel like we do) – at home, at work, and socially – oh, and make sure you put in the time to look the way that you are supposed to too 💇‍♀️🏃‍♀️💅🤳🤦‍♀️

So is it any wonder that taking care of health and fitness gets put last on the list for so many?

I honestly believe that self confidence, strength and physical activity are key components to self care.  I see the impact that it has on my clients as they progress, their bodies become stronger, more toned and they develop friendships with other members.  Their loved ones often comment that they “need to go and do Metafit” to maintain a good mood and outlook in other areas of life!  (an interesting observation).

Erin tried for a long time to sneak in her Metafit when she could around her schedule – with varying degrees of success, but after attending our first ever Relax Reset Retreat last year, she decided in 2019 she was going to get serious.

But she didn’t just say it and hope it would happen, she put a plan in place.

Here’s what she says:

“I have been sporadically attending Metafit classes on and off over the past 2 years, with no real consistency.

I kept justifying my limited attendance by telling myself I had little time between, work, kids, being a wife and well, life.

Earlier this year I decided it was time to make a change and I started scheduling 2 x weekly metafit sessions and a PT session with Angie.

I started seeing some results quickly, and developed muscle tone and strength in a short space of time. I was motivated, and signed up for Angie’s customized  4 week fat loss program that was offered to members.

The whole process was so easy, I kept some records about my daily activity over a few days and had some discussions with Angie about my goals and food habits.

With this in mind, Angie developed a customised plan to help me meet my short term fat loss goals – in the space of 4 weeks I dropped 3kg, 12cm off the waist and 5cm in the hips and  was kept motivated with regular check ins and support from Angie.

I feel better then I have in years…highly recommend Angie and her customized approach to fat loss, nutrition and training – she listens to your individual goals, plans with you and keeps you motivated and on track. Thank you Angie.”

I am noticing Erin’s shape and muscle tone changing in front of me – well done Erin, it really does pay off!



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