Read This Before You Rush Out to Kmart

by | May 7, 2020 | Blog

Not only was it tough to find toilet paper the first few weeks of lockdown measures, but Australia is also in the midst of another essential product shortage – decent weights! 

It seems like every man and their dog rushed out to get their home equipment set up, and I get that.  We all panicked when fitness facilities closed.  What would this new world look like?

I tell you what though, as I distributed the gear that I had amongst my PT clients to use at home, and I am still patiently waiting for some that I ordered for myself – I really hope that everything that has been bought up does not end up sitting and collecting dust in garages in coming months!

Nothing irks me more than the crappy home gym set ups that line the streets each council collection that rolls around – what a waste of space in landfill, what a waste of money!  And in my opinion, the clunky plasticy lightweight gear and sub 8kg dumbbells & kettlebells (unless you’re doing barre) can be a waste of time. 

Your body needs to be challenged through a process of progressive overload to become stronger.  You just can’t achieve that by doing more and more and more reps with a light weight.  I like the analogy of doing bicep curls with a pencil – even if you do it all day, it won’t promote muscle growth.

I’m always searching for ways to challenge myself and my clients in less time, with maximum effect – because we are busy AF for one thing.

In my opinion, there’s only a couple of things you really need for decent and effective home workouts and they are:

  1. Your Body.
  2. A decent quality exercise mat.
  3. 2 competition grade kettlebells – if you want weights and have limited space. 

Your own bodyweight is a really effective resistance training machine.  From static squats and lunges to plyometrics to pushups to sprinting/running – you don’t need to spend heaps of cash to workout at home.  You just need to have some focus and commitment, and a decent plan.  I have some simple ways for my clients to achieve progressions with simple bodyweight exercises that max you out.  Sorry, but that doesn’t include curtsey-star-jump-with-heel-flicks – we keep it simple so you can max out without taking cheeky breaks with fancy stuff.

I never knew how important a good quality mat could be until I finally bought a decent (and pretty) one.  (now I have 2).  Not only do they roll out and stay put compared to cheap supermarket mats, they come in some eye catching designs, which is enticing! Using a decent mat for floor work, Pilates, Yoga and Toned AF workouts will ensure you are comfortable during your workout and keen to get on the mat more often. 

If you really need some weights at home, my recommendation is a pair of 10-12kg (for most people) competition grade kettlebells.  Please don’t buy the plastic ones off the shelves if you want to get serious about your training, they will limit the exercises you can do as you become stronger and more skilled, and they flat out won’t be safe for floor work.   Yes, decent gear is more expensive, but you do get what you pay for, and you’ll have these for good.  Depending on your training experience, you can start with single kettle exercises and progress to double weighted – from the basics of squat, press, rows to stability and core work, there are endless home training possibilities.  I recommend a small selection of key exercises to begin with for my clients, with a simple system of tracking progression and training volume week to week.

And of course, it helps to have someone with the right training to develop a customised plan for you, coach you on technique, and monitor your progress towards your goals!

Happy home training – remember, less is more x



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