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What our clients are saying about Fit AF

“I love coming to classes, getting a tough workout in quickly, socialising even if it’s just a quick ‘Hi’, and the motivation to keep up with everyone” – Shannon

“I love being able to get a good workout in quickly.  There are lots of classes to choose from, and working out together pushes you to work harder.  I feel great at the end!” – Jacinta

“The motivation and socialising are important to me, I also love the variety.” – Karen

“Absolute motivation, no judgment, and always a welcoming environment.” – Bec

“I train regularly to keep on top of my fitness, and it’s good for mental health. I get FOMO if I can’t go!” – Shannon

“I train to build up my strength. I love to see how much I can improve each session, and it’s somewhere I can come and not think about everything, I can just come and smash it out (to my own level)!” – Sarah

“Because I love it! Some days I just want to sit on my bum and eat junk, but I feel so good after I do a class… I just can’t get enough!” – Shelley

“I train for how good I feel and mental health” – Kelsey

“Booking in for a class makes you accountable, you don’t have to think about what exercises to do and socialising is great especially for someone who is new to the area” – Maddie

“Love the community and mentality” – Tanika

“Catching up with like minded people and getting in a good sweat and a laugh under 30mins” – Anjanette

“I do PT and classes for strenght, to rehab an injury and to socialise” – Karen

“I train consistently because it gets results. It’s also great for my mind, body, and soul, therefore, a win for me and my family” – Anjanette

“Love getting a great hit out in a short time!” – Jas

“The motivation everyone brings pushes me to do my best.  Even though everyone is at different fitness levels, everyone is friendly and welcoming.” – Sarah

“Great vibes, a tough workout done quickly and plenty of class options available” – Erin

“Showing up for classes weekly makes me feel good mentally, physically and improves my overall fitness and health” – Jacinta

“For my mental health, because I feel better, stronger and fitter the more I come. I treat my classes like any other appointment I make and only cancel if I absolutely can’t make it” – Anoushka

“Great bunch of people who are fun and supportive and never judgey. I feel motivated by those around me in class, and also booking in makes me more likely to get it done.” – Jas

Angela Frazer

Cert III & IV Fitness Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Metafit & MetaPWR coach
Pilates & Barre Trained
Strength Coach