No Nutrition – No Problem! It Can Be Done, Here’s How.

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Kahlee’s Amazing Results focusing on workouts only…..

PT with Angie results

Meet Kahlee!  She recently shared these incredible results.  I had to ask if it was the same person??  Kahlee opted not to look into nutrition as part of her Metafit challenge around 18 months ago, much to my dismay! 

But she’s gone ahead and proven that yeah, it may take a little longer – but you certainly CAN massively change the shape of your body with workouts alone.

The key to Kahlee’s results is her ability to schedule her classes in and attend them like clockwork!  Kahlee trains with us an average of 4 sessions weekly, mostly 2 x Metafit’s and 2 x MetaPWRs for a total of 2 hours a week (she still refuses to do strength training with me 😫).  This leaves her plenty of time to spend with her doggos, enjoy some weekend fishing and recover in between.

The secret is, as I always bang on, putting in the best effort in the least amount of time to keep enjoying life in balance.

And while I will occassionally catch Kahlee out picking up lighter weights than I know she is capable of in PWR, she’s come such a long way since her very first trial class.

Even though she doesn’t always listen to me 😏, you can’t deny that it’s a pretty beautiful thing to find a way to workout that literally changes your body, strength and confidence – without taking over your life!  And yes, still raiding the work charity chocolates on the regular – as the little birds tell me! 

Well done Kahlee, I’m super proud, even though I like to rouse on you sometimes lol.

If this sounds right up your alley, you need to get in touch below to arrange the next available free trial week.  Our class sizes are limited.

Catch you soon!



  1. Mellissa Smith

    Hi my name is Mell I’m 50yrs old and am interested in weight training it seems to be the only thing that works for me at my age. I do shift work in the mines so very limited times to train I am a member at anytime but it’s always so busy in weight room I feel I don’t know what I’m doing .

    • Angela Frazer

      Hi Mell, thanks for reading! Weights training is fantastic for all ages but particularly for women in your age group – we have members of all ages and abilities, shift workers too. If you like I can send you through some info. Chat soon 🙂 Angie.


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