Mind Fitness Needs Coaching Too

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#ptlyfe. Unsociable hours, cancellations, keeping up to date with industry trends and education in your spare time, and problem solving for multiple people daily are just some of the stuff that comes with the territory.  Burnout is a common reason that people leave the industry.  I know that this is not the only occupation with these concerns, but bear with me, and feel free to draw parallels with your job (I know a lot of my clients have demanding jobs) – this is not a whinge!

I’ve learnt that it’s important for me to practice self care on a few levels (no I still haven’t gotten that massage yet) so that I can be a better coach.

It’s taken a while to recognise the signs of burnout and overworking before they hit hard.  I still only just catch them most of the time.  So when I noticed the negative self talk creeping in again “I’m too busy”, “I can’t catch up”, “I’m not getting everything done”, “I have no time” “I’m not doing enough”, etc etc and I couldn’t stop thinking them, I called up to book an appointment with a local Psychologist who has helped me in the past.

I couldn’t get in until late next month.  The receptionist kindly offered to put me on a cancellation list but in all honesty I feel like needing a bit of a pep talk is not urgent in comparison to other people’s problems.

I knew that I needed to do something in the meantime though, I needed some serious resetting.  That’s when I remembered it.  Hypnotherapy.

It had been a while since I gave it a shot out of curiosity and the suggestion of a friend when I struggled to remember something important a while back.  I recalled the deep sense that I’d had the world’s best sleep as I left that session years ago and thought “worth it for that alone at this point”.  So I jumped online and booked in with Lee from Whispered Wisdom.

It wasn’t until I got to my session and finally got to sit down and speak to Lee about what I was needing help with that I realised there was a lot on my plate.  

I speak quite openly about my need for support at different times because I know that a lot of my clients struggle with similar things, and I hope that I can help to break down any stigma or shame around that by putting my hand up and saying I’m human, and I struggle with overwhelm too.

Of course the first question is “what is it like to be UNDER??”.  I’m no expert, and I can’t speak for the experience of others’ but for me, I can still hear and sense all of my surroundings, and I’m in no way not in control.  For me it feels like a deep guided meditation.

It’s a way of moving away from unhelpful thought patterns, and trying to establish more productive ways of viewing things – for me.

The point of sharing this experience is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed and spinning your wheels, there’s a good chance you need a time out whether it’s a session like this, a massage, a relaxing facial, a walk in nature or psychology or counselling.  We can’t physically do all the things all the time and be perfect but even as we continue to say we’ll take care of important things like nutrition, health and fitness “when things settle down” – do they ever settle down? In my experience no.  Not without taking steps to make it so.

I consider seeking this kind of help a means for me to stay doing what I do love for maybe a little longer than the statistics, a bit of “mind fitness” and self care.  Yes, it can feel selfish to block that time out of your schedule, but in my opinion if you come out feeling and being a million times better, and a more productive human it’s worth it.  (I should mention at this point I decided I needed another top up session to finish the job 2 weeks later – even doing self care can bring things to the surface, and just like embarking on a diet and exercise routine, the results and benefits are not instant.)

If you’re feeling like you just can’t keep up or in a constant state of stress, please stop and think about what you need, try something new if you’re up for it, you never know what you might find x.



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