Long Weekend Behaviour & The Truth About Self Employment….

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How was your long weekend?  I spent mine locked up.  Not because my long weekend behaviour got out of hand 🚓, but by choice – at home, studying like a loser while I get updates of everyone’s holidays via socials. 🤣


Because I simply don’t have time to do this amount of uninterrupted study during my normal weekly schedule.

Also, this week, I couldn’t actually draw a wage from my business – so this weekend has been a great exercise in staying home, getting things done AND budgeting.

Most PT’s will say that your diet shouldn’t change much just because it’s the weekend – for consistency, and that’s true.

However when you need to make things stretch out on a strict budget – that’s another story!  I spent $80 on groceries at Aldi this weekend and vowed to stay in and use up everything here, not only due to budget constraints, but I absolutely hate being wasteful.  It’s a great opportunity to clean out the fridge & pantry.

Also, I couldn’t be arsed caring about my calories/ macros /protein intake when my head is in the books – one thing at a time!

Also, I was given half a giant pumpkin…. can you eat too much pumpkin???

Also – I like to eat for ENJOYMENT – especially on a long weekend!

So, usual nutrition habits out the window, and here’s what my weekend nutrition looked like:

Curried Pumpkin soup with sourdough – several meals

Sweet pumpkin loaf

Pumpkin cheese puffs

Avocado on sourdough with salt & chilli flakes

Briebelle on jatz

Cadbury scotch finger block – every time something pissed me off.



What I’ve made for us for the week, in between assessment tasks and readings:

High Protein Satay Chicken in the slow cooker

Slow cooked beef stew with carrot and sweet potato

Chicken & cauliflower soup

Spanish Rice with Chorizo

Shocked and appalled?   This is standard, this is what honesty looks like- not a glossed over idealised post for the optimal nutrition to stay on track over the weekend #noexcuses.

Stuff it, sometimes there are more important things to worry about in life. 🤷‍♀️

I’ve enjoyed the holiday snaps from my wage earning friends, and made a mental note of places I plan to go when this whole small business thing settles down for me!  So, keep em coming, and enjoy them, you’ve earned it.

This is absolutely my choice to funnel most of my business revenue back into the business for the purpose of better serving the people who choose to spend their time and money with me.

I am laughing that I gave up studying Social Science 5 years ago, because I deemed it “too expensive”…. I’ve since spent around at least 25-30k on qualifications, mentoring and professional development.  I daresay I’ve learnt more in the process of building and running a small business than I would have at Uni!

I could choose to not do this.  I could choose to not recognise that nutrition and training go hand in hand when considering my clients’ results.  I could advise them to train more and more hours with me.  I could choose to cut all my clients’ carbs for fast results and be done with it.  I could choose not to consider my clients’ needs as individuals.   I could sell them supplements they don’t honestly need. I could choose to walk a fine line in relation to my scope of practice as a PT in order to profit more, and to be fair, rarely is anyone in this industry held to account, so it’s not much of a risk, really….

But I choose to be honest, to learn as much as I can, to do things the right way and do the right thing by my clients, I choose to spend my long weekend on a budget and studying because that’s what kind of coach I want to be.

I’ll leave you with this:  We all have choices in life, and when you consider the type of person you wish to become, how do your choices stack up against that goal?

It’s interesting!  Hope you’ve had a fab long weekend of your choosing x



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