Kimberley Killing It and Keeping It Simple

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Kim is no nonsense, gets in and gets it done. She’s exceptionally curious and keen to learn the best way to train, and my answer is usually “it depends” lol, which I’m not sure if that computes for her logical mind, but we get there.  A (*almost*) reformed cardio bunny we have been focusing on building muscle and strength with a strength training programme.  My advice to Kim has been to switch to the minimum enjoyment amount of cardio, prioritising weights and I can see Kim transforming before my eyes – keep it up and trust the process 😉 

What is your exercise history?

I was pretty fit and active  at school – lots of swimming, netball stuff like that. Probably like most people when I got older, drinking and socialising became more important for a while.

Once getting into working life, sport was a way of meeting people when you went to a new town, which got me interested again in feeling good about moving in general, getting back into the gym and running etc.

How has your training changed over time?

My training has evolved from more of a calorie burning exercise to more of a mental health thing and being strong.  I had done bodypump classes in the past, but never a strength training programme.   I’ve always done a little bit of using weights, but not following a programme and tracking progress.

What is your favourite part of training at the shed?

I have a love hate relationship with THAT bike lol… some days I feel really good and other days it smashes me. (same).

I do like the people, you walk in and people are really friendly, and some of the banter is really good too especially when Noush is here.

I like the balance here too, gym equipment out there – wine in the office fridge haha. (They were gifted to me! 😆)

What’s the biggest struggles you’ve had staying on track?

Definitely nutrition.  I’m still working on my old feast or famine mentality, and I’m getting there.  “The diet wagon”…. it’s not actually nutrition it’s a mindset.  I’m learning that one bad day doesn’t write the whole week off so moving away from that way of thinking. I think we have a pretty good system and routine way of eating on work days so that we can enjoy meals out on the weekend for example.

What do you feel is the most effective training for you or has given you the best results?

I don’t think it’s any one thing in particular, it’s actually being consistent with what I’m doing and for me, I get a lot of mental reset from walking actually – will you yell at me for saying that?  LOL (Angie – no not at all I am always telling people to walk…..but….it’s not training, we just should if we’re able.  As you know incidental movement burns more calories than your exercise, therefore contributes more to fat loss). 

One of your biggest lessons?

I will stick to something if I enjoy it, so you need to find something that you like to eat, move and turn up for or you won’t stick to it.

Any advice for someone wanting to get started?

I would say set small goals, and don’t try and bite off more than you can chew.  For example, start with exercising 3 times a week rather than trying to do every day, prep 2 meals on Sunday so you’re ready for the week and won’t get caught out.  Write down what you’re going to eat for the week, do a shopping list and don’t shop when you’re hungry haha.

What we do is cook a big roast on a Sunday and use that meat during the week for work lunches – save yourself some stress buy the vegetables pre cut and cook them.  I buy bags of pre-chopped veggies, I know it’s more expensive and not everyone has that luxury but for us it saves so much time.

Angie: you’re pretty organised Kim, your “small steps” might seem like too much for some, and too simple for others – it’s all relative but you’re spot on, it needs to be convenient, achievable and something you’ll stick to.



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Kimberley Killing It and Keeping It Simple

Kim is no nonsense, gets in and gets it done. She's exceptionally curious and keen to learn the best way to train, and my answer is usually "it depends" lol, which I'm...

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