Kaz – What a difference a year makes

by | Nov 18, 2020

I first met Kaz just over a year ago when she signed up for an introductory PT session with me.  She is quiet and unassuming by nature but a straight talker with a down to earth attitude and that’s why we love her!

What is your exercise history?

I used to play hockey, basketball in high school, and then up until I got horses not much!

How has your training changed over time?

It’s changed in intensity, and also how often I train and the type of training.  I went from just sort of “running around” in sports etc, to full on strength training with weights. 

Angie: So you’ve stuck with the weights training for a while now? 

Kaz: Yeah around 12 months, and surprisingly I enjoy it!  (Angie laughs like I hope you do!)

… I’m not a “weights person” – 12 months ago I would have thought nah, that looks like too much work to me! lol but I’ve actually stuck to it, injury and all.

I’ve found doing core strength training in Toned AF classes has helped a lot on the back of a horse.

What is your favourite part of training at the shed?

The environment and the people.  It’s supportive, no one is judgmental – I’ve walked into other places full of “gym junkies” before and felt like I didn’t belong.  Everyone here is working on their own goals, and it definitely has more of a social feel. 

I had an 18 month membership at a gym and I probably went half a dozen times.  There was just not the support that you get here, you just get more value at the shed with coaching and support.

What’s the biggest struggles you’ve had staying on track?

A pre-existing injury.  So we’re a bit limited in what we can do in my sessions, so sometimes I feel like I’m behind everyone else in terms of what I can do.  Some days I feel like I could run a marathon, and other days I can hardly walk.  Ange just plays by ear and adjusts my sessions according to the day….. and also takes on board what my physio, chiro and massage therapist say and makes suggestions for exercises in line with that.

What do you feel is the most effective training for you or has given you the best results?

The strength training definitely – it’s increased my muscle mass and changed my body for the better.

I’ll wear singlets and tank tops now whereas 12 months ago I wouldn’t do it, because I was too skinny.

I had serious body confidence issues 12 months ago!

One of your biggest lessons?

Perseverance, I’ve kept it up.  If I had have been just training on my own with this injury, I would have stopped by now.

Any advice for someone wanting to get started?

Just come and try it, you’ve got nothing to lose. 



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