“I’ve Just Ruined All My Hard Work” 🙁

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Blog

Have you said this following the Easter break, or any other break in your routine or weekends after stepping on the scales and seeing them go up?

You feel a little guilty because you KNOW what you’ve been eating, you said to yourself at the time you shouldn’t, but you did it anyway because for god’s sake you’ve been so good for what feels like so long and everyone else is enjoying themselves why shouldn’t you??

Then you step on the scales on Monday to face what you’ve done.

You knew it wouldn’t be good, but you can’t help still being disappointed. 

“I’ve just undone all my hard work that I’ve done this past month, I’m hopeless, I always do this” was the comment during a client consultation as this person confessed what they’d been up to to me.

The hard work was a steady 3kg loss in the last month, but then a few things popped up, including the public holidays, family stuff and realistically probably a lapse in motivation.

Shit happens.

I explained to this person it’s time to move on.   Stop reinforcing to yourself that you’ve ruined your recent efforts, and you always do this.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  And an easy cop out.

Did you eat 5,000 calories a day?

I highly doubt it. 

If not then you haven’t technically regained 3kg of fat.  It’s mathematically impossible.

You’re bloated and feeling sorry for yourself, yes, but you’re not back to where you started from.

So get over it, own it, learn from it and get back to it.  Simple!

I recently had a discussion with my kids about why mistakes are important.  If you never make mistakes, you don’t learn what not to do, you don’t learn the best way to do things.  If you avoid failure you avoid learning.  If you accept failure as your reality, then that’s what your reality is.

This is not failure, this is feedback.

And I listened to this person’s concerns, acknowledged them, but then kindly cut them off.

We’re not repeating that message over and over again.  We’re accepting reality, learning from it and moving on.

Don’t look back, you’re not heading that way.



  1. Anjanette

    Great advice Angie! We often need that reminder that yes we had a great time eating and drinking but the weekend’s now over and get back into it (as you’ve done before). It’s not a reason to say “F” it and go back to your old ways.


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