I’ve Had A Gut Full

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Blog

***Let me first qualify this blog by saying that it has been written at 3am, and started as a few dot points as a way for me to get some thoughts out of my head in the hopes of getting back to sleep.  Let me qualify that by saying that if sleeping were an olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist.  I literally never have trouble sleeping.  But the past few weeks have been a different story, for obvious reasons.

So here we are…..

Sometimes it feels like you’re doing everything you’re supposed to and get nowhere.

(Same as your fitness goals)

All I seem to have had this last week is technical difficulties, more bills to pay and to top it off, people assuming that I’m going to close my business and give up.

I’ll get over it I just have to be dramatic first. 

I haven’t been posting or doing my emails – any marketing whatsoever.  I’ve dropped off lots of the things I normally do as part of my weekly routine of putting content out and promoting what I do, as I kind of feel what’s the point?

I am sick of doing video content, I’m sick of not being able to coach my clients in person and most of all I’m sick of my freaking hair. 

I’m sick of comparing myself to the highly polished online fitness content that is flooding my own news feed and probably my clients’ too. 

I do the best I can with what I’ve got (we all do) but there are days where it definitely feels like not enough. 

I’m sick of being targeted by business coaches with their posts and emails, smugly pointing out everyone “should have gone online before”.  You know, the kind that promise you’ll be working while sipping cocktails pool side *massive eye roll*.

I’ve said all along I prefer to coach in person.  I have even poo poo’d going online for this reason.  Probably it was really my fear talking. 

Although, truth be told, a business mentor once asked me to write my “perfect day” as part of a goal setting exercise.

Either I’ve got a shit imagination or it was already pretty close to the mark.  “Walk to work, Coach clients & have time with my family.  The odd camping trip”.  She told me I needed to try harder.  Maybe she wanted me to be aiming for mansions and luxury cars. 

The truth is ,the only thing missing from my perfect day was “not feeling stress about covering expenses to do my job”.

I’m not chasing riches or I would have stopped doing this ages ago. 

Anyway, I must admit I was wrong about online coaching to a degree – and despite this shit past week, it’s forced me to realise what a powerful tool it can be, and how I can use it to help my clients even more.  I’ve had to learn skills I wouldn’t have otherwise. 

That being said, I’m tired of learning now. I just want to get back to the shed.  Just like all of you, to some kind of normal.

We did our bit from the start and stayed home. I’ve still got the same tank of fuel I had 5 weeks ago. I kept my kids home straight away as I was able to work from home even though I had to basically build an entire new business at the same time.

I’m tired of being positive for now but I’m not giving up.  I’m just not pretending it’s all roses. 

What I will do is what I coach my clients to do.  Reassess, focus, be realistic, make a clear plan of action and do the steps to get it done 🙌

I recently finished listening to “Everything Is F*cked – A Book About Hope” by Mark Manson.  Once again the theme that really resonates is:  without pain, we don’t really experience true highs or success.  Mark argues that just as muscles need to be worked to grow stronger, our brains need to experience problems to learn and grow. 

That’s an analogy that works for me, so let’s get back to it shall we.



  1. Anjanette

    Love this Angie. Sorry you had to write it at 3am (although probably the only time you had free! 😓).

    • Angela Frazer

      Thanks Anjanette! Didn’t have to write it at 3am but why not lol. Not making a habit of it 😉


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