I told them to EAT MORE, and the scales started moving down again!

by | May 19, 2019 | Blog

Newbie gains – when you first start a healthy diet and exercise regime, the results can be very exciting!  But sadly, as time goes on and it’s time to face the fact that you need to stick to these habits consistently to continue to see progress, and it will be much slower.

This is when a lot of people will do one of the following things:

  1. Look for a new solution or method to switch to
  2. Lose motivation completely
  3. Add more cardio
  4. Cut calories to very low

I recently selected a group of my long term clients to receive a custom review of their goals, routines and progress to their goals.  This involved 1:1 consults with me, providing me with information and then putting together a custom strategy based on this.

Not one single strategy turned out the same, because let’s face it, they’re not the same people! 

I put a lot of hours, thought and (argh) maths into this. 

But it was SO worth it!  As the results have been amazing.

Within 1-2 weeks every single one of these people busted their fat loss plateaus.  Incredibly, some of the best results came from the clients who I strictly instructed to increase their calorie intake initially.

Why is that??  I’m not a scientist, but I put it down to a couple of things in these cases.

Diet fatigue is a thing.  You try to stick to a restrictive diet for too long, you will naturally cut corners and try to cheat it.  You won’t even realise it.  Another thing is, you’ve probably started moving less, using less energy.  Someone recently said to me – “I can’t do the same strict diet twice, because I’ve worked out how to cheat the system by then”.

It’s not really that simple, I didn’t just tell these people to eat more and they lost weight.  I also didn’t lie to them and tell them it was magic, (although one of them called me a genius 😏), I didn’t vaguely mention hormones, metabolic “damage”, sugar addiction, carb intolerance or any other rubbish….. I told them the how, why and what so they could get the most out of their 4 week strategy.

And we’re talking losses of 2, 4, 5kg in less than 30 days from experienced trainers.  People mostly not too far from their goals (not all cases) People who already “know what to do” with their nutrition.  These are the tough nuts to crack, believe me!

One of my clients, a maths teacher, and I were discussing that fat loss is essentially maths.  And it is!  But oversimplifying it to purely a numbers game doesn’t take into account that we are all human.  We have different preferences, levels of motivation, goals, challenges -AND humans tend to eat for reasons other than energy availability.  We eat for pleasure, we may eat to deal with stress, we eat for traditional and cultural reasons, and our environment has an impact on our choices.

If you are tired of trying to fit yourself into someone else’s plan to get the results you really want, if you are serious about being honest and doing the work, and putting your trust in my hands – I’d love to help you.

You’re not hopeless, you’re not crap at “dieting”, you’re not never going to achieve results.  You’re just busy.  And this is what I do! 

Hopefully catch you soon 🙂



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