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What is Metafit?

Based on Tabata principles and the science of High Intensity Interval Training, Metafit has been developed by an ex Royal-Marine to get you fitter, stronger and leaner.

Using classic and effective bodyweight exercises only and short burst of maximum effort with incomplete rest periods, in just 30 mins you are done! But, you will continue to torch calories for up to 24 hours after your workout! It’s tough, that’s why it works. No choreography, coach led only – we keep it HIIT!

These sessions are perfect for those looking to change it up a bit, get the most out of their limited time and love to work hard.

Experience MetaPWR

I recently became certified as one of the first round of  MetaPWR coaches in Australia. MetaPWR is the perfect training companion to Metafit.

Think loaded tabata circuits using bodyweight, kettle bells, slam balls and power bags to name a few!

This will challenge you in new ways, and have you feeling stronger and more powerful within weeks.

MetaPWR is included in Metafit Power Pack & Metafit Ultimate. Book now to secure your spot.

Metafit is a Coach-Led Only Workout

This means that Metafit is NOT available as a home workout and never will be. The fact of the matter is, most people buy online HIIT programmes and then either don’t do them, or don’t do them properly. Your certified Metafit coach is there to make sure you really are working to your max effort and training true HIIT. Our friendly and supportive group environment is an added bonus!

Membership Options

Membership Options

Looking for something more? How about trying HIRT?

High Intensity Resistance Training

Pure strength training in a private small group environment. No jumping around required, your intensity of effort is found in how you lift the weights, and the sequence of exercises programmed by me, your coach!

A full body weights workout in around 30-40 mins incorporating the bar, free weights, TRX and bodyweight exercises. Learn how to lift safely and effectively. Offered as a 6 week programme, spaces fill fast. The ultimate training programme would incorporate HIIT and HIRT, and adequate rest.

Speak to me for a FREE CONSULTATION on how to reach your goals.

What our clients are saying about Fit AF

“I love coming to classes, getting a tough workout in quickly, socialising even if it’s just a quick ‘Hi’, and the motivation to keep up with everyone” – Shannon

“I love being able to get a good workout in quickly.  There are lots of classes to choose from, and working out together pushes you to work harder.  I feel great at the end!” – Jacinta

“The motivation and socialising are important to me, I also love the variety.” – Karen

“Absolute motivation, no judgment, and always a welcoming environment.” – Bec

“I train regularly to keep on top of my fitness, and it’s good for mental health. I get FOMO if I can’t go!” – Shannon

“I train to build up my strength. I love to see how much I can improve each session, and it’s somewhere I can come and not think about everything, I can just come and smash it out (to my own level)!” – Sarah

“Because I love it! Some days I just want to sit on my bum and eat junk, but I feel so good after I do a class… I just can’t get enough!” – Shelley

“I train for how good I feel and mental health” – Kelsey

“Booking in for a class makes you accountable, you don’t have to think about what exercises to do and socialising is great especially for someone who is new to the area” – Maddie

“Love the community and mentality” – Tanika

“Catching up with like minded people and getting in a good sweat and a laugh under 30mins” – Anjanette

“I do PT and classes for strenght, to rehab an injury and to socialise” – Karen

“I train consistently because it gets results. It’s also great for my mind, body, and soul, therefore, a win for me and my family” – Anjanette

“Love getting a great hit out in a short time!” – Jas

“The motivation everyone brings pushes me to do my best.  Even though everyone is at different fitness levels, everyone is friendly and welcoming.” – Sarah

“Great vibes, a tough workout done quickly and plenty of class options available” – Erin

“Showing up for classes weekly makes me feel good mentally, physically and improves my overall fitness and health” – Jacinta

“For my mental health, because I feel better, stronger and fitter the more I come. I treat my classes like any other appointment I make and only cancel if I absolutely can’t make it” – Anoushka

“Great bunch of people who are fun and supportive and never judgey. I feel motivated by those around me in class, and also booking in makes me more likely to get it done.” – Jas

Spaces Limited! Get in Quick!

Spaces are limited, don’t miss out! Pick your program and secure your spot online today.

Not keen on commitment?  Speak to me about booking a flexible class pass or a small group training programme, to get you started!

Angela Frazer

Cert III & IV Fitness Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Metafit & MetaPWR coach
Pilates & Barre Trained
Strength Coach