Good Habits Over Time Add Up To Incredible Change

by | May 1, 2019 | Blog

Progress Shot

Meet Kristy!  A quiet young girl who came to try a Metafit class with her co-worker a couple of years back and has been coming to 2 classes weekly like clockwork ever since.  Working away quietly, further down the track we upgraded Kristy to 1 Metafit and 1 MetaPWR weekly – which saw her progress skyrocket.

Kristy says:

“Metafit and MetaPWR are high intensity interval training. I like the hard intensity and that you can push yourself to your own limits in the same work out that everyone else is doing, depending on your own personal fitness level.


I have noticed a change in my own body toning up and the strength that my body has gained from doing these classes over time. 


I have started to take more notice of what I’m eating and how that is affecting me. I know on days that I workout I need food that will give me energy for the workouts and to aid my recovery I need extra protein. I know what foods will help me with this.


The food as fuel course made me realise that I needed to increase my protein intake overall as a very active person and how to do that.  I also learnt how much food I personally needed to have daily for my goals.  This was really helpful to be able to work this out for myself, and make my own choices.


I would recommend the Metafit challenge to anyone who would like to learn how to train hard for less time and eat for their goals in the long term, without stressing about strict rules.”

The changes to Kristy’s strength, fitness and physique over this period have been gradual, until one day everyone just started saying WOW??? And she continues to build on and maintain her results with just an hour total of hard training weekly, and routine and consistent dietary habits on a weekly basis.  I know from feedback that she is a bit of an inspiration to some others in our afternoon classes, and a bit of a “benchmark” to train next to for maximising intensity!

Many would have considered that being young and of an already healthy physique, why should Kristy be worried about working up a sweat or watching what she eats… yet?  When I see the muscle definition that this young lady has developed over her time training with us, I wish I knew when I was her age what I know now about the benefits of training harder for less time and fuelled right.

From my perspective as coach, Kristy is of a rare breed of client (not my only one!) who, when I say: jump higher/go bigger/lift heavier – sets her game face on and gives it her best shot. This has been a process of perfecting technique by taking on board coaching over time. And she’s able to push harder when it counts because she gets adequate rest between her tough sessions.

I can’t wait to see Kristy’s future results from adding some HIRT to her routine on my advice.

We can’t take all the credit though. It’s down to Kristy’s creation and maintenance of her day to day and weekly habits that have contributed to her more toned and muscular physique over time.

If ever there was a walking example of “consistency gets results” and “work harder not longer” (both of which I spend most of my time banging on about) – Kristy is it! 

And not to worry, we are all shapes and sizes here – but I for one think Kristy should be very proud of her hard work!

If you ever find yourself comparing your results to someone else, because you believe that perhaps they are just way more dedicated, have more time or willpower than you…. ask yourself this:  How long did I stick to the plan?  How many times did I go off the plan?  How many times did I think that restricting myself and smashing myself with exercise would get me there in the short term only to fall in an exhausted heap?

It might not be the most extreme or sexy answer – but literally small habits repeated over time is what makes the difference between a person who gets maintainable results, and the person still scratching their head and stressing over needing to do more/cut more/buy the next plan.

I’d love to hear, do you take a long term sustainable approach to your fitness like Kristy, or do you go hard then break?  What works best for your motivation and results?



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