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A friend asked me yesterday at work what my plans were for 2021.  I blurted out, probably all the stuff I planned for 2020, just moved to 2021.  And there is a bit of that (hello unfinished online courses).  But it got me thinking, if I were coaching a client on reflection, I’d be asking them to look at some of what they did achieve this year, instead of focusing on the negatives. 

So I had a think about it, and even though in a lot of ways, it doesn’t feel like a productive year – I’ve managed a few things I’m proud of.  (In no particular order, just a bit of a brainstorm):

I learned to delegate

After years of doing it all alone, I finally reached a goal of welcoming on board a second coach, Anoushka.  No one can do it all themselves indefinitely in a growing business, and truth be told I’ve come way closer to burnout than I’d like a few times.  Despite it’s challenges, 2020 has allowed me some breathing room.  I’m keen for more, and remembered I actually love mentoring. 

I did more online

I always said I preferred working with people face to face, there are way too many online fitness programmes being flogged, I said.  2020 changed my attitude quick smart, taught me some new skills, and, that I actually enjoy coaching people online 😬

People said thank you

If there’s one thing I have realised about how I like to work, it’s that I don’t want to spend all day nagging people about what they should and shouldn’t do (aka old school biggest loser trainer style).  The more people who thank me for informing and helping them, the more I love my job.

I paid myself Super

Big deal?  Yeah, ah, it actually is when you couldn’t do it for *cough* quite a few years of self employment….. so yeah, this one is up there as a massive step forward.

I learnt more about using technology and social media to my advantage

I spent a bit more time getting my website closer to working how I really want it to (thanks to my super web girl being very patient, accommodating and putting in quite a few hours on this side gig of hers!), and I learnt a fair bit more about the inner workings of social media as it relates to small business.  In short – *mind blown*.  This is the background stuff that most people don’t see, it’s unpaid work, it’s time consuming and sometimes it doesn’t pay off…. and then I wonder if I actually want to know this, but here we are 🤭 #ignoranceisbliss

I lifted more

After our stint in lockdown and home training, which I embraced – I got back to the shed with a new-found appreciation for the barbells, and some new Squat, Deadlift and Bench PB’s.  Keen to keep up the momentum in 2021.

I wrote a nutrition plan for a vegetarian, a body builder and PCOS clients (to name a few)

Really not the clients who I thought would be asking me for help when I started advertising nutrition services, and I spent a lot more hours than I budgeted for researching and writing some of the plans I’ve done, but I wouldn’t change that – it’s challenged me, and given me a new perspective on who I can help and what matters for them. In all of these examples, there are quite a few unhelpful myths floating around and I’m really pleased I could give these people the facts to take charge of their personal eating preferences, medical conditions, and training style. 

I said no

I’ve said no to over-stretching myself and my time more times this year than ever before.  I’ve let go of the people that choose not to take my help and situations that are not worth trying to control.  I honestly think some of this is down to learning what really matters this year.

I took nights off

5 years of building a business based on after-hours work takes a toll, I’ve got to say, I’ve felt a little shell shocked on some of my nights off just like, being at my house, with my family…. like is this what normal people do?? Guess I’ll cook dinner at the regular time then instead of in my lunch break.  Hmmmm.

I cared less

“If that’s humanly possible” I hear some of you say.  Well it is.  I started caring even less about what others *may or may not* think in order to get shit done.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I became debt free

We followed the Barefoot Investor steps and got rid of our debt, and started paying all our bills upfront.  We also spent more on things we enjoy than we have in years.  It’s a great feeling.  Like a decent training and nutrition plan, it’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort.  It’s simple, and effective – if we can do it, so can you.

I still haven’t….

Look, I’ll be honest, there’s still a bit on the list – but that’s a job for 2021, and in just reviewing these points I’m certain I can do what needs to be done, and that what is most important will get done – and just like my clients, what I practice more, I will master.

See you next year!



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