Does Lifting Weights Make You Bigger?

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Blog

Meet Kylie.  Kylie has just completed a 12 week strength training block with me, which saw her increase her squat by 22.5kg, increase her deadlift by 25kg, and ultimately squat more than she weighs, which is incredible for someone who was a total beginner!

I’m so pleased that once Kylie had reached her goal weight doing the Metafit challenge with me, she took seriously my advice to stop dieting, decrease running and lift weights more often to continue to change the appearance of her body.

Quite often when I recommend that women who want to “tone up” their body lift weights, I am met with doubt and sometimes the concern that they will get “bulky” lifting weights.

First of all, ask any bodybuilder how hard it actually is to bulk up with muscle.

Secondly, just because you know of someone who may lift weights in a particular way and appears to be bulkier than you would like for yourself, know that a) they potentially don’t have the same aesthetic goals as you and b) they might not be considering their nutrition along with the heavy training they might be doing.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and training with weight lifting is no exception.

If you are making generalisations, or you just haven’t had the opportunity to experience personalised programming – you really are missing out on so many of the benefits that resistance training offers!

Throughout this programme Kylie:

  • ate more than when she had a weightloss goal
  • maintained at her goal weight
  • increased her strength and output, meaning she definitely increased her lean muscle mass
  • has continued to change the shape and “toned” feeling and appearance of her body
  • Is no longer afraid to step into the gym!

Kylie managed to lift more than she weighs (several times) safely, and without injury under my guidance and through a structured and personalised round of nutrition, custom private lifting programme and keeping up 1-2 half hour Metafit sessions a week in a friendly private setting.

Not everyone wants or needs to aspire to lift their own bodyweight, but we chose a particular programming modality that just got us there in the end – much to Kylie’s shock and delight.

What a confidence booster!  I’m so proud of her, and thank you for having faith Kylie.  We are now onto some new goals and a different approach 😉

Speak to me about what lifting weights can do for you!



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