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We had our first “Practical Fat Loss” Workshop last weekend.

I came up with the idea of running a workshop on the “how to” of fat loss methods, when I realised I spend a lot of times on these concepts with my clients.

I really underestimated the time to get through everything I wanted to cover – the term “Fat Loss” encompasses the diet and fitness industry, misinformation, marketing & media, emotional, social and cultural issues, mental health and body image to name a few hot topics.

I did not want this talk to be another lecture on eating less/eating more vegetables, no excuses and get your arse to class.  We’ve heard it all before.

I wanted participants to get involved and contribute to the conversation – so that they could take something meaningful and useful away.

One of the things we did was brainstorm common issues that participants experienced when it comes to reaching their fat loss goals, or their past experiences.

It’s quite the list, and between weighing peanut butter and talking about the fat loss pyramid and the booming industry of diet products and books, we didn’t get time to break this down – so it’s a perfect blog post.  Do you have anything to add to the list?

Never stick to anything, get frustrated and overwhelmed:

This is a common symptom of a diet that is not for you!  You may have seen friends have some success with a particular method, and given it a shot.  But if it doesn’t fit your particular lifestyle, circumstances and values it simply won’t work in the long run.

Motivation at different times:

Motivation is not an ongoing thing.  Once you recognise this, and you understand the principles of fat loss, you’re in charge!  The diet industry capitalises on your purchasing a product, book or method when your motivation levels are high.  I work my clients through their fat loss process taking into consideration calorie periodisation, performance, diet breaks, work and social events to name a few things.  If your method is inflexible, it’s shit.

Balance between exercise and diet:

Ever tried to out-train your diet?  I have!  And I ended up running up to 50km per week (badly).  Get smart and stop kidding yourself.  Get the balance right and you’ll be cruising and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Weight re-gain post diet:

It’s a thing!  You have a biological drive to take in additional energy per kg lost up to a year after you’ve lost the weight.  It’s your body trying to bring you back to baseline.  If you have a method that fits your life, good habits and the right support, this won’t be too much of an issue.  That detox you did doesn’t give a shit where you are 12 months down the track – sorry!

Social Occasions and Holidays:

Again, if your chosen method doesn’t account for this, or educate you on how to manage and enjoy this.  It’s shit!

Plateaus or lack of progress:

This is normal.  Up to 70% of weight lost in the first 2 weeks of a diet is water weight.  The ratio changes to a higher percentage of actual fat loss from 4-6 weeks.  It’s normal for things to slow down as you become smaller.  Why?  Because less mass needs less calories.  Don’t forget that other changes will be happening that don’t reflect on the scales. 

Getting the basics right:

It’s natural that we look for overcomplicated reasons that we may not be getting the results we want.  It’s science that humans have a tendency to underestimate how much they eat – no joke, it’s been measured!  So in step the gurus with lots of “solutions” regarding your gut health, genetics, detoxes etc….. if you haven’t ticked off the basics, you’re kidding yourself and you’re a prime target to be relieved of some money online.

Being busy and choosing convenience foods:

Yep, we’re all busy (deal with it).  We’re also surrounded by high-calorie, convenience foods which we then consume while sitting at the computer all day.  These are designed to be tasty and moreish because there’s profit to be had.  Isn’t it amazing when your co worker does a guru detox that they are no longer eating the office biscuits and suddenly lose weight??? But it’s definitely the special formula in their shake…..

Mindless/Emotional/Boredom Eating:

The brain is so efficient at setting up patterns of behaviour based on past experience.  I’m a prime example.  I get the shits with technology (trigger), I get up and see what’s in the cupboard.  I have a long day at work, so I “deserve” a wine or two.  Once you’re aware of your own patterns, you can start to reverse them.  It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!  If you refuse to address it, well, you’re doomed to repeat them.  Habits and triggers are a huge contributor to excess food intake.

Work Environment:

You’re a tired shift worker, you got kept back and didn’t have enough food, no time to eat all day then overeat when you get home, too many work events with food and alcohol??  I could go on.  Yeah, our situation is not always ideal, but instead of being a victim to it, why not be prepared?  Again, this looks different for different people.  Your work situation doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your fat loss goals, it’s just a challenge and as some of my clients will know, I love a challenge!

Wow, I’m glad I got that off my chest – I’d share with you the rest of what we covered, but you’ll have to join us at our next event 😉



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