Cookie Cutter Relapse Syndrome….

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Blog

I see it way too often and it’s time to just call it out.

Mass-produced, cookie cutter diet and exercise plans don’t work.

Well they do, but generally only for the duration of the programme.

As a predominantly face to face coach I see way too many people coming to me saying:

“I did xyz (insert celeb trainer name) plan and I lost lots of weight but I’ve now put it back on”

“I did get results but I had to miss out on so much and ultimately I don’t want to go back to that place”

“I got results doing xyz but I don’t know how???”

And frankly this isn’t good enough. 

There’s a good reason that mass produced programmes are designed for you to need to keep doing them – and that is – money! 

These people still believe that if they hide the detail, mislead the consumers and make them think that what they’re doing is magic, then they can continue to profit.

And they can – as long as people keep supporting them.

Hey – trust me, as a trainer it’s extremely tempting to spend 10 mins writing a calorie restricted meal plan with a higher protein content, lots of veggies, maybe low fat, maybe low carb – take your pick!  And sell it to all of my clients.  10 mins work without having to actually speak to people and spend time educating them? 

Sounds like the clear choice, but you’re ultimately not doing your clients any favours.

It’s more time consuming to work with people as individuals, but this is what I love doing.

My clients get their results and keep them, AND they keep training with me because what I’m offering suits their long term lifestyle.  Not to mention, they’re spending time with like-minded people in real life – not just a facebook group.

There are many advantages to the digital information society, but face to face training is still the clear advantage.

I’d love to hear your experience with online mass programmes?



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