Any Idiot Can Get Weight Off You

by | Nov 10, 2019 | Blog

Want fast results this summer?

Here’s how:

Cut your carbs – follow a restrictive meal plan – train for 2 hours daily – give up everything you enjoy – hate life in the process, but you’ll definitely hit your goal weight and get some fantastic comments on socials.

If you’re really hardcore you’ll add in some of the laxative products doing the rounds disguised as tea/coffee or “detoxifying blends”.

Just don’t wander too far from the toilet.

You’ll hit your goal weight though, that’s what counts, right?

Going to do that for life?  Didn’t think so.

The fact of the matter is that “weight loss” is relatively easy, it’s genuine fat loss that takes more time and consideration.

Any numpty can lose – water weight & gut contents in 2 weeks by removing large amounts of foods that previously regularly featured in their diet, and thus, calories.

There are any number of methods and products that can quickly get weight off you this summer, and will happily accept your payment for the goods, but what they won’t do is educate you on the process, so that you can get your results and keep them – for good.

The problem with the traditional approaches to weight loss is that they make you the customer, fit into their particular method.

And yes, I’m even referring to some well known personalities with big shiny websites and recipe books that have gotten results for people time and time over, and have the marketing budget to remind you of that.

So why am I still getting these people coming to me for help after they’ve finished “The Programme” and re-gained the weight they lost?

Because they’re doing it back to front.

As painful as it can be, I prefer to take the time to look at my clients’ lives and see how I can empower them to continue living the life they enjoy as closely as possible, but get and keep the results they want and deserve.

It’s not about taking things away or telling people what to do so I can share their before and after online to get more customers…

It’s about empowering my clients to understand the process so they never have to stress over it again.

It’s not so much highly profitable as the alternative, but it’s extremely satisfying!

So when you’re next considering your own goals – consider this:  do you want FAST results, or LASTING results?



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