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“I’m comfortable going to the beach in swimmers now”…….

Meet long time/OG member Anjanette, who has come up against probably more set-backs than most of us could tolerate – but she bounces back with a smile – focuses on what she CAN do, smashes out the consistency and has us all envying her muscles and her positive attitude! 

All while being a business owner and Mum of very active teenagers.

What is your exercise history?

I’ve always done some kind of sport, and always tried to exercise.  I’m a solid build, I find I’ve got to exercise, and mentally I feel better for it anyway.

I’ve been training with you since you started Metafit up, and I’ve had different (unrelated) injuries to work around ever since then!  

How has your training changed over time?

It’s changed 100% I’ve just had to modify things, that’s what I love about the classes and especially doing PT with you – I’ve been able to work around injuries and surgeries while one thing is healing, and focus on what I can do.

I’ve had 2 ankle surgeries, shoulder, and 3 x knee surgeries in the last 4 years.  Due to an arthritic condition that has been hard to diagnose, they’ve finally determined it’s just in my genetics to tear ligaments,  and I have arthritis in all my main joints.  One specialist told me I was so “bunged up” in my shoulder he thought I must have played footy!

It’s just something I have to live with and work around.  Even surgical interventions aren’t a guarantee for me to be pain free and able to do everything I want to do.

What is your favourite part of training at the shed?

I love catching up with everyone, I really miss being able to do Metafit and PWR – even though I can come and jump on the bike or rower for the intervals.  Everyone is on the same wavelength – we all have busy lives with work, kids/family, and different personal goals…..

You’ve also honestly kept me going at different points over the years and encouraged me to look at alternative ways to move and still reach my goals.

What’s the biggest struggles you’ve had staying on track?

I tend to be an emotional eater, I try and stay positive and think there are people worse off, but sometimes it gets the better off you and you think “F*ck it”.

You’ve given me the tools to understand what I need to do with nutrition and where to make the biggest impact.  I love your mentality of let’s be good 90% of the time if you want a beer or cheese with friends just enjoy it and get back on track the next day – put in place habits that stick.

What do you feel is the most effective training for you or has given you the best results?

Definitely Metafit and MetaPWR before “all this shit” (surgeries). I definitely really enjoyed MetaPWR as I felt really strong, you can do weights, but it’s the intensity of those classes that I really liked.  Because I felt strong, I felt happy and confident.

But at the moment, I’m enjoying my rehab PT programme – and can’t wait to get back on the assault bike for the intervals!  (I never thought I would say I would miss that thing!!! -But it’s a great workout and when you use it regularly you really notice the difference)

One of your biggest lessons?

For me, because there are obstacles doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road pretty much.  As much as you’re pissed off and frustrated at the time – and they’ve forced me to change my original plans, but it doesn’t mean I can’t reach my goal.

Any advice for someone wanting to get started?

As much as there is probably fear of the unknown joining in, I’m not fit/strong enough – just do it.  Especially within the shed – no one judges you.  If you want it, you’ve just got to take that step and do it.  If anything, your mind probably holds you back, don’t overthink it just get in and do it.


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  1. Donna Scott

    You totally rock Anjanette 👊🏼nothing but total admiration from me 👏🏼


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“I’m comfortable going to the beach in swimmers now”…….

Meet long time/OG member Anjanette, who has come up against probably more set-backs than most of us could tolerat

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